Budget Castle and Two Bonus Toys

In this very first blog post, we will create a budget castle (and two little toys as a bonus) for your rabbit! This is done for less than $1 and in less than 10 minutes. The only things you need are scissors and a box.

Step 1 – Box & Scissors

Get a box and some scissors. Sorry for the product placement!

Step 2 – Creating the towers

With a little bit of imagination, cut out a rectangle on both sides of the box to form the towers of our budget castle.

Now repeat this for the other side. You can use the rectangle as a template for the other side:

This will result into the following beautiful castle:

Step 3 – Create the bonus toys!

Now it is time to create our bonus toys! Just cut the two rectangles into half:

Now make sure to make little cuts in all the rectangles:

Now the toys can be ensembled!

Step 4 – Add the queen

Now it is time to insert the toys into the castle and add your queen (or king) inside it!